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Decisions you will have to make during the divorce process will likely affect your life financially, not only today but 20 years from now.  With over 15 years’ experience as a financial planner our Divorce Planning specialist, Kim Surber, CFP™ and CDFA™, makes the process easier to help you and your attorney review your options so you understand the impact of your financial decisions and how they will affect your future. 

Divorce Planning Services

Assistance in completing your financial statements – listing income, expenses and all assets/property, which will be required by the courts

Identify what insurance or work-related benefits you currently have, what you may be losing and how to get them on your own.

Develop a budget to live on before and after the divorce is final.

Provide an understanding of how child support and spousal support works.

Understanding your largest asset, the home, and what the mortgage and equity could mean to you in the divorce.

Provide guidance on retirement accounts.

Assisting in understanding the financial ramifications in your settlements.

Propose alternative settlement options.

Act as an expert witness with regards to financial issues in a divorce case if it goes to trial. Working with a CDFA™ (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) ensures you have a team working together for your financial insterests.  A CDFA is qualified to work closely with your attorney to create the best outcome for your financial future. 

Understand the Impact of your Settlement- Settlements negotiated as part of the divorce proceedings can impact you and your family for years…even decades.

Divorce Workshop:

What every woman needs to know about Divorce

Join our seminar every 3rd Saturday of each month.  Visit our Events page for more details.

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