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Where The Smart Money Is Headed, by Labrum Wealth Management

As long time Financial Advisors, we have had the blessing, or curse, of seeing a multitude of different investment schemes. Yet throughout the years we are continually reminded of the core philosophies and strategies that work for our investors.

At Labrum Wealth Management Our Core Philosophies are:

  • Diversify and Reduce Unnecessary Risk!
  • Minimize Taxes and Turnover
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Apply Discipline and Stay Focused

It is easy to get taken off track by the media and the hype, but staying true to the discipline of intelligent investing will have its rewards.

So where is the smart money headed today.  Click below to find out.

Please see our highlighted article by clicking 2013 Where the Smart Money is Headed – DFA


Financially Yours,

The Team at Labrum Wealth Management


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