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What is Financial Detox®?

Another quarter has come and gone and it was an interesting one with plenty of volatility among various asset classes. As always the media focused on the doom and gloom focusing on oil prices and China. Then for no apparent reason the global markets rallied back. The importance of a globally diversified portfolio became clear once again as international markets came back stronger than the US.

Once again, we encourage our clients to focus on the things that we do know:

  • Markets have ALWAYS been volatile, there is no such thing as a market if the price simply steadily goes up year after year.
  • The behavioral blunder most investors make is reacting emotionally to market movements and news.
  • There has never been a market down turn that has not recovered.
  • Stock and bond markets have produced significantly higher returns than the average of all investors, because investors make too many emotional decisions.

At Labrum Wealth Management, we believe in actively managing a passive and evidence based investment strategy. This delivers our clients low cost, tax-efficient investments that are based on a century of historic and academic evidence as to how we can BEST construct a portfolio, getting the most return for a given level of risk. We have built multiple strategies so that regardless of your risk appetite we have a solution.

We actively work hard to provide the following:

  • Disciplined Investing | Behavioral Coaching
  • Select Core Allocation
  • Optimize Allocation with Alternatives
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting
  • Tolerance Band Re-Balancing
  • Tax-Sensitive Asset Allocation

We believe that the combination of our low cost, tax efficient investment philosophy and the six actively implemented strategies above, will lead our clients to success in achieving their goals regardless of the current market conditions.

We believe capitalism is alive and well. This means that companies will continue to create goods and services and will sell them for a profit. Also, we believe there will be demand for capital, therefore, the bond market will continue to be a viable option for earning interest on your money.

In summary, we want you to know that we deeply care about the success you have as a saver and an investor. We want you to know that regardless of the market we are working hard to help you achieve your goals and objectives. In times of extreme volatility we think it is more important than ever to be here for you to answer questions, remind you of critical investment principals, and give you peace of mind. We hold strong to our fiduciary standard and will always do what is in your best interest. Your business, trust and confidence are greatly appreciated.

We will be contacting you for your regular review during the year. However, if you want to chat in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to call our office and set up a phone call or face to face meeting. We are here for you!

Also, be sure to watch our Video of the Month to learn more about Financial Detox®™. President Jason Labrum hosts a radio show live every Friday at 6:00pm on KCBQ 1170AM. On it he discusses many topics including things retirees should consider when developing their retirement and financial strategies. Or click here to listen to some past radio shows.


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