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It’s time for something different when it comes to 401k’s & Retirement plans


If we can’t show you how to measurably improve your 401k then we’ll send you a $100 cash gift card.


*(you must be a plan sponsor or decision maker in a 401k plan to participate)

At Labrum Wealth Management 401k & Retirement Plan Solutions, we understand that an employer-sponsored retirement plan is one of the most important employee benefits you can offer to your valued employees. Selecting and monitoring a qualified retirement plan can be overwhelming for even the most diligent plan sponsor, so LWM has developed a team of experienced, qualified retirement plan professionals dedicated to helping plan sponsors with this hefty responsibility.

Our Services:

Our specialty and expertise lies in helping to mitigate your fiduciary liability while maximizing investment opportunities, ensuring plan compliance, and helping plan participants achieve financial security. With an objective and unbiased approach, LWM will help you to select, implement, and manage a robust qualified retirement plan.

As your retirement plan advocate and consultant, our core services include:

What is an Aggregate Group Plan?

An Aggregate Group Program is a collection of multiple individual plans, adopting their own individual plan document and each standing on their own individual merit for the purposes of generating economies of scale and operational efficiencies as a large group. Thus, we can create a more robust plan, offering greater benefits, resources and services for both the plan sponsor and its participants. Ultimately, an Aggregate Group Plan delivers greater value at a much lower cost!

Why is an Aggregate Group Plan Beneficial for Your Company?

  1. Protect - The AGP will Protect your plan with 3(38) and 3(16) Fiduciary Services. These services cover your firm with 3(38) Investment and 3(16) Administration fiduciary liability.
  2. Run – The AGP will Run your plan for you, allowing your firm to outsource as much of the operational/administrative services that you are required to perform as a plan sponsor.
  3. Simplify – The AGP will Simplify your plan by means of offering your firm a turn-key solution that is easy to adopt, easy to implement and easy to monitor. No need to spend time away from work creating your own individual plan when it’s already built for you and ready to go today.

Our 401k Team


Is this plan a MEP? I hear that MEPs can have some serious disadvantages?
What is the difference between an AGP and a MEP?

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